Can Astrology and Horoscopes Help You Win The Lottery?

Horoscopes can help a lot of people in their daily lives.

Surprised to hear that? Am I finally starting to believe in the supernatural after a lifetime of scoffing?

No, nothing has changed... I still think most astrology and horoscopes are bunkum.

But here's where it CAN help you.

By giving you a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here how it works.

Today's horoscope in the LA Times for my sign, Cancer, tells me I'm in a pleasant, balanced mood.

People find me more easygoing than usual, which makes me fee good.

It says even working long hours is good, because I have the energy for it.

OK, fine. How do you think someone who believes in the future feels about these predictions?

They would subconsciously absorb these thoughts and their mind would influence their actions.

The power of autosuggestion has been well documented. We associate figures in white coats as authority figures. Men in uniform astride motorcycles can put fear into us on the road.

So if the horoscope is written positively, it can help susceptible readers who believe this to improve their lives.

But can these daily prediction wonders influence our lottery numbers?

Sadly, no, not at all.

One of the ways you can check for yourself is to follow the numbers of any popular lottery.

Then match them up with any horoscope service which predicts lucky numbers.

And see how wrong they can be.

More proof - if there are 12 signs in the astrological charts, then a twelfth of the world's lottery population would be lucky every month.

That has never happened... not even close.

If you believe in star signs, then all power to you. Your mind will make the best of your predictions and if your belief is strong then you can benefit.

Just don't use lucky numbers for the lottery - you'll be wasting your hard-earned money.

I use the Lotto-80 System to give predictions.

But don't confuse this mathematic based service for some do-de-do-do wacky zodiac calendar.

It uses the power of the Silver Lotto System and PRO to select the days you should be playing your game for best effect.

Ken, Ive been following your new silver pro system each week since I bought it, and I can't believe it. $17,500, $4200 and 2 of $230. Each week I kick myself that I didn't take a ticket, but I guess I wanted proof before I spent my money. Now I will.
Jon F

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