My $4,000 DIY Disaster, And How I Overspent On Winning Lottery Tickets

We upgraded two of our bathrooms recently.

And my wife and I spent a lot of time deciding which new hand basins we needed to replace the old ones.

After a lot of thought, we chose a square design with a trendy tap.

The day came for the plumbers to install the basins, but to my horror, the basin overlapped the vanity base by a finger-width.

But the fitting was done. And realistically, at $500 each, the basins were too expensive to replace.

It seemed we would have to live with the result.

But I'm a perfectionist, and after several weeks of avoiding looking at them, I couldn't take it any longer. I rang the supplier and ordered smaller basins in the same style.

When they arrived I got the plumbers back on the job, and they spent a whole day changing them. Apparently the original basins were stuck on the vanity marble with strong silicone, and one basin had to be destroyed to fit the new one.

That was one $500 lost forever.

But the job was done, they looked perfect and it cured my problem. Except the dollar outlay. I had paid out an extra $2,000 on top of the $2,000 I originally spent - just to replace them.

It was a financial disaster of epic proportions. A gigantic waste of time and money. Yet the pain of the money wasted was better than the wrong fit of the basins.

By comparison I've only had one lottery disaster. It was at a time when I visited another lotto shop in our city. I knew something was wrong when the total come up... it was $50 more than I normally paid.

So the checking began.

Two assistants and I spread the tickets out on a counter and we painstakingly went through each one and the matching receipt. To my amazement, each one checked out correct. So I paid up, and gave the two girls my heartfelt apologies for the 20 minutes they had spent looking with me.

It wasn't until much later that I found the machine had misinterpreted my lines because the cards were old. It gave me extra duplicate lines and messed with my winning percentages.

As I've mentioned many times before, when you fill out your tickets with my Silver Lotto System, you do it only once.

And you keep using those tickets until you get sick of winning :)

But as I found both with the basins and the tickets... there comes a time when you have to take a deep breath and start again.

The moral of my stories is this:

Sometimes mistakes are made. Sometimes the cost of waste - like buying a bunch of lottery tickets that don't perform, or basins that don't fit - seems too great at the time. And sometimes you just have to absorb the losses.

It could be worse.

Think of the millions of players without my systems, who have never won a cent for years - then get lucky:

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Think of the loss Phillip and others made for years - without my system - one disaster after another.

And then finally realizing what they needed for the eventual winning bonanza:

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Holy Smokes Ken.
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If you try long enough and work through your problems, you'll win. No question.

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