How AA Is Holding You Back From Winning The Lottery

I love these mysterious acronyms... AA.

And I'm going to share how AA has influenced one of my daughters and her record attempt in underwater freediving. But let me explain first what those letters mean.

- AA is not Alcoholics Anonymous.
- It's not the size of a small battery.
- Nor is it the Automobile Association.

I call it "Average Ambition." 

And I'll tell you something interesting about these words shortly, but first...

Average Ambition is stopping you from really getting the wins you deserve.

Here's why...

Most of us lead pretty average lives. We do our job, muddle round in retirement, play sport without much success (but probably great enjoyment), and generally just fill in life's gaps. For the most part, we are doing what philosopher Henry David Thoreau described: "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."

And I believe it is because we have Average Ambition. One of my daughters recently broke her own personal best freediving record, and at one time she was one of the top 3 divers in the world. She's a natural, and loves the sport.

But to get to that level so fast, she had to become almost obsessive about it. Not for her the Average Ambition of others. She is dedicated. Her passion for the sport is evident, and because of that she is doing well.

You might be surprised to know that the same passion will actually improve your lottery winnings too. Because if you have an obsession with winning, you will not miss a game.

You will turn up at the lottery store rain or shine. It is essential to play every game you can, and many players lost out by not playing when they had a chance:

I am sorry to say that I had all 5 numbers for the  Illinois Little Lotto last Thursday and did not play  unfortunately... resulting in my not winning the  $175,000 pot.

Larry C.

Your strong interest will ensure you have enough investment for your game too.  Rose H. gave up smoking to play more lottery games, and found an extra $40 a week when she kicked the habit. The move was better for her health too.

When you increase your passion and involvement, you'll find more ways to improve your game. The best way is to use the Lotto-80 System ( which helps you spend your play money wisely.

And then you should step up to the PRO System to make every week count. As your interest grows, you'll probably start looking for games with bigger jackpots.

And as you write your winning goals down each day and review them, you'll get caught up in the excitement.

From there you'll get results and build on your strengths to go higher. To go from Average Ambition to a winning passion is easy.

1. Simply reflect on what you want from your wins.

2. Then make sure that you spend some time daily visualizing your goals.

Write your bold ambitions down in a diary - don't hold back - and look at them each morning and night before you retire. The power of goal-setting... even for a random event like a lottery win... is proven to increase your chances, no question. It helped my daughter in her competitive water sport and it has helped me achieve many things too.

Combine passion with the power of RFA... Relentless Focused Action! Leave others to sort out their Average Ambitions and shoot for the moon!

Start by adding the products you need below, and you won't have regrets because you failed to take action:

Ken,If I have came across your system 6 months ago,  I would be half a million dollars richer today!!! In  between, I did won some small prize winnings. It's  easy and enjoy using it...

John Tay Singapore

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PS. Here's something interesting about Average Ambition... these words are apparently so uninspiring that nobody has bothered to register the domain name. Until a few minutes ago... yes, is mine - so that you never have to see that expression again!

Stay away from it, and start your passionate life from today!