For Goodness Sake, Why Are You Waiting To Win The Lottery?

Let me be blunt...

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the price of my products to go any further down?

No. This is the lowest you'll see them. If I gave more discount this would upset my other loyal buyers who would feel ripped off. I don't do that.

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Nope, nothing ever goes down in price!

So, what?

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Ken, OK i tried many other lotto programs and they all stank. i piled money in and got nothing back. So i tried yours. it took a while but i started to get some dollars. Then last week I got $77,000. wow!!!! I never had that much money in my life its like 2 years wages all at one time. First thing I did was to get my cards paid of. Then I treated my G/F and family out. My name is like gold in my home. Thanks!!!

John Nive, LA (name and address supplied)

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