I Haven't Paid My Power, Phone Or Gas - Or Filled Out My Lottery Tickets - For Years!

My mother-in-law is 97. And she's an active, cheery women with great energy.

She remembers the days when she used to carry a purse or wallet around with her, filled with money.

And every time she needed something, she pulled out some of it from her wallet and gave it across the counter. She used to put her housekeeping money in a number of jars.

Each time the electricity came due, she pulled it out of that jar out and went downtown to her branch to pay the account. Though the jar system has long gone, old habits die hard and for some payments she still uses cash. Even today when accounts are online, many people still transfer their payments manually, painfully.

Hoping they remembered the correct pay date or amount.

I haven't done this for a while. While I'm old enough to remember the bad old days, I embrace new technology and methods as soon as they appear. The Next Big Thing is NFC, known as Near Field Communication... just tap or pass your phone over a terminal to pay out.

But for now, I pay online and the amount is automatically taken from my bank account.

So I haven't paid many bills for years. (Though I always check my bank accounts online each day to see that they are all ticking over nicely). Back in the past I thought that it would be great to do the same thing with my lottery tickets.

Imagine not having to fill out my tickets each game, slowly painfully. Imagine if I possessed a set of tickets that I used for every game, yet gave me more chances of winning than any other system devised! So I set to and worked it out. Took a couple of years.

As a result today, all you need do is spend 30 minutes or so filling out your tickets. Once ever.

You could spend even less time if you got me to do it: http://www.silverlotto.com/custom.htm

And then see your winnings rise:

Hi Ken, I just want to quickly let you know Ive been using your system for 3 weeks now and am astounded at the results so far! Nothing huge yet, but Ive won 4 div.5 and 3 div.4, better than Ive done ever and Ive been playing for years... ...Thanks for your time, and your amazing lotto system!

V Moore (address supplied)