5 Signs You're About To Win The Lottery

Is this week your winning week? Have you got all the stuff necessary to ensure you win this week?

Let's find out if you qualify:

1) You have the Silver Lotto System.
OK, this one's an automatic no-brainer because you NEED the best system in the world to get any kind of winnings, don't you?


2) You've chosen the game with the lowest number of balls and numbers.
My winning percentage (98%+) is so high because I play a 6/40 game, but you'll get just as good results with anything a little higher, say a 6/45, 6/49 etc. A low ball/number combo is one of the best ways to get a win.


3) You've saved up your pennies until you can play all the lines on your Custom Profiles.
NOTE: You don't have to play them all if you're on a budget. Even 3-5 tickets will get you well ahead of the rest of the players without my system. But do what a lot of people don't - wait until you have the full amount saved up, then go for it!


4) If you play a jackpot game, the prize has just rolled over.
It's important to try for the jackpot when the prize is at its lowest, because fewer players will be attracted to it. That means more opportunity for you to share less of the prizes... and your odds will be better.


5) You've chosen a less popular playing day.
Visit your local lotto store and ask what is the least popular game day, that's where you'll have the least prize-sharing competition. Lot of people play Saturday games, mainly because of the bigger prizes which have traditionally been promoted at that time. But you want the LEAST popular day, so when you win, you are sharing the prize with few others.


Remember, the aim of my system is to get you winning regularly and aiming for many high-rate prizes. While it's exciting to play the $100 milllion jackpots, the odds are not that great. Best to stay away if you want more certainty.

Besides, most folk I know would be happier with several multi-million dollar prizes more frequently. (See my newsletters and blog posts on multiple winners).

And when you win, be sure to share it here with us: /winners

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