The Rich ARE Different (Some Lottery Winners Even Mow Their Own Lawns)

I first began to realize the real difference between the rich and the rest of the world when I read a magazine article recently.

A lovely couple had won over $10 million and shifted to Australia. In the photo spread they were posing in front of a palatial double story house with an acre of lawn...that the husband mowed himself.

I did a double take. Turns out he had nothing to do after leaving his job, so he spent some of the week mowing this vast area of grass. Just to occupy himself.

I didn't quite know what to make of it. Here was a man who could afford to buy a dozen lawn mowing franchises outright, and he still did his own grass clipping...just to keep busy.

Well, it's not that unusual. In a minute I'll tell you about a millionaire who vacuums his own house.

But here's another problem the wealthy face...

The former wife of Beatle Paul McCartney used to dread the mornings. Apparently Heather Mills never had a sleep in...because she had to get up early before the staff arrived.

Oh dear, don't you feel for her!

And another interesting article told me about an American company that manages staff for mansions of the wealthy. When a house was 10,000 sq feet in size, it needed full time staff of at least one person, said the company. At 20,000 sq feet, they need a minimum of three full timers, including a house manager.

Now, it made me think that most of us would not want the bother. And in fact that's what generally happens to the instantly rich...

Like the lawn mowing man, they live their normal lives...with a bit of luxury thrown in.

And the millionaire who vacuums his own house? That's me. I decided long ago that it was foolish sweating out my exercise on a treadmill in a small room. It felt like the ratrace I had left many years ago. The real secret to staying fit is regular exercise, and many people think it means jogging or resistance training.

In fact, household work...vacuuming, washing cars and mopping floors is good aerobic exercise. So I spend the same amount of time cleaning that I used do in pointless repetitive exercise. But now it's productive.

Even though the rich are different in many ways, some of them buy lottery tickets. Recently I was surprised to see one of the town's wealthy drop in to a lotto store. This was a man who lived large, owned a Rolls Royce at one time.

And the wife of one of our country's richest men still buys a lottery ticket at her local shop. She admitted to a popular woman's magazine that she won $3,000 once, saying it didn't seem fair. I guess she meant that it could have gone to someone more deserving. But she still took it.

When most folk win a sizable lottery prize or acquire a lot of money, it doesn't change their life much. Just that the lawns get bigger!

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