How To Immediately Stop Wasting Money On No-Win Lottery Tickets

The less you spend on tickets that don't win, the closer you'll get to your next home.

In the Silver Lotto System instructions and in my newsletters too - I tell you to buy MORE lines or tickets.

In fact, you shouldstop buying small, like 5 or 10 tickets, and wait until you can afford to use as much of the complete Silver Lotto System as possible.

But don't be silly about it.

Work out how much you can afford without missing out on bill payments, food, savings and buying fun things.

NOTE TO SERIOUS PLAYERS: If you are planning to be a committed player, you need to make your ticket amount as high as possible. Only in this way can you get the maximum chances from your purchase.

The more you play, the greater the chance you'll hit the Big One. Just like anything else:

Dear Ken,

I just wanted to let you and everyone else know that I won $124,960.00 last week with your silver system and I'm so grateful... ...thanks again!!!!!

Jo Shalcross.


But we all have budgets.

I was reading a recent Architectural Digest magazine recently.

It in a prominent designer said that we would be surprised at the number of high-end homes where the owners still had to WAIT until they could afford to refurbish.

They were doing up a room at a time, that's even in million dollar homes!

So don't worry about needing to wait - it's the same at every level of income.

Still, you want to stop ticket wastage. You want to only buy the winning tickets instead of wasting your money on the losing ones.

I developed LottoPredict to help you do just that.

Because some weeks have better winning odds than others, I calculated which could be the best weeks and put them into a simple green & red square indicator.

Green for Go.

Red for Don't Play.

To make it work, you just look up your game from the117 games there, and see if it has a green square opposite.

If it's green, play this game with your Silver Lotto System.

If the square is red, don't play, and save your funds for the next best time.

So LottoPredict tells you the best play time, as well as saves you a small fortune by telling you when NOT to play!

At the moment membership is just $6.60 a month.

Go here to see LottoPredict in action.

Hi Ken, I bought your system about two years ago, and I have been a constant winner since. To date I have won $33,675.00! My last win was this past Wednesday when I knocked off another $1,370.00! J.M.R. (name and email supplied)