Are You One Of The Lucky 1-in-a-100 Lottery Hopefuls Who Will Win This Year?

"Tell me this, Ken," he said, bringing his chair closer to mine.

"What's the chance of me becoming a lottery winner?" and he paused for effect....

"I mean, the REAL percentage chance, using your System?"

"That's easy," I replied, "1 in a 100."

He looked a bit depressed. "I had expected something higher than that. What about your 98% figure?"

"Oh, that still applies as well." Now my visitor really looked puzzled, so I explained...

Only one person in 100 becomes incredibly rich in any field. We know this from all the "Occupy Wall St" sit-ins who were against the wealthy 1% who are apparently messing up the country. So 1% of the population is rich.

The reality is that only one person in 100... these one-percenters... will have the guts, the drive and determination to get somewhere. Doesn't matter if it is inventing a cure for cancer or winning the lottery.

That one person in one hundred will make the effort - compared to 99 others - to achieve success.

If you're that one in a hundred, then let's call you a 1% tryer (I'm sure you won't mind!) 

First thing you should do is get the right mindset. Winning isn't just just a simple buy-the-tickets strategy. Anyone can do that for a while.

The real secret - and it's one I keep reminding you about a lot - is to persist. One set of tickets alone MAY get you the jackpot straight off. But often it doesn't. You'll need to try a few more times.

And if you're like most people, you'll give up too easily after a couple of tries, or maybe after a month.

It's not unusual. Happens everywhere.

One of the biggest businesses in the world is the diet business. Fortunes have been made by weightloss gurus because they know one thing...

People give up too soon. They give up well before they get the results they want, and then go back to their natural habits. And later buy another weight-loss product.

Watch new slimmers like UK chef Nigella Lawson (photo, right), actors Dawn French, Kevin Federline, regular dieter Oprah Winfrey and thousands more - and see that in less than 12-24 months they are back to their original size.

And so it starts all over again.

In the lottery, as in business, it's the same story. Persistence pays off for just a handful of people who have the tenacity and mindset directed at success.

Why are a handful of internet business people like myself, Dan Kennedy, Ken Evoy, Yanik Silver (no relation!), Joe Vitale and Marlon Sanders still thriving 20 years later, when hundreds of thousands of far more skilled and talented people drop out after a year or two?

Of course, we all have a product that works and is useful - that's important. But the main reason is our determination to succeed.

We have a strongly focused goal setting life that keeps us on top.

You can easily copy our methods. One of the best ways to learn how to persist is to vividly imagine the end result, the goal.

You might like to imagine a lottery-winning figure like $100 million. Or a number of milestones you want to accomplish... a new house, helping others, upgrading your car, buying a boat... the list can be long and varied.

Most people have the same desires... to improve their position and help others out of their problems, so your list won't be unique.

To make it unique - so it sticks in your daily consciousness - you've got to add passion and emotion to your dream goals.

Live it, smell it, touch it. The more you can connect to your ambition in these ways the stronger your goal will become. And the greater your desire to achieve it.

In the sports world, the battle for supremacy is huge. Everyone wants the top spot, and the competition keeps them going. In the lottery we don't have the same conditions... you're not competing against others. You're simply aiming for the main prize.

Being the best won't make any difference because you're dealing with random numbers, not years of skill and talent.

So the 'competition' is simply yourself. And the closer you can make your goals and dreams true to your imagined life - the faster you'll achieve them.

As always:

1. Play frequently.
2. Play intelligently (use LottoPredict and PRO)
3. Ignore what you spend (we don't call them losses, but costs of entry)

Ken, Still shaking from my win, bought your Silver Lotto system last year and have played lotto regularly since, definite small wins and a few no wins, until last night. Checked my ticket online and I have won 1st division $22,236,652.87. Your system works. Regards, Jason