Hidden Nuggets - What Happened When I Went Panning For Gold

No - not this kind of gold-digging!

While I was looking for some photos in my old albums, I came across one from Arrowtown, New Zealand, taken maybe 30 years ago.

My wife and daughter and I were panning for gold in the tourist sluices they had set up in a mock goldmine town.

And here we were, feverishly shaking the pans under a stream of water and waiting the gold to appear. Which - being a tourist venture - it eventually did. We had enough gold dust to fill a tiny vial for a few minute's work.

It was about $3 worth of gold I think, from the $10 experience. As I sat and remembered our trip from these photos, it got me thinking...

The world's largest ever gold nugget was found in Moliagul, Australia... just inches (5cm) from the surface. Called the "Welcome Stranger," it weighed about 72 kg.

Another nugget, the 27kg "Hand Of Faith" was discovered just 6" (15cm) below ground.

Now, while gold diggers could find gold by panning for it in the rivers, it's likely many of them walked directly over the record-breaking nuggets buried just inches underfoot. 

This sounded a lot like winning the lottery. I liken my Silver Lotto System to having the right equipment to mine these riches...

Without it you can spend your lifetime searching the vast fields and rivers hoping for a big strike.

But it's likely you'll spend a lot of money and get nothing, or maybe the occasional $3 particles from time to time. 

Or you can get a map of the large nuggets - the jackpots - and spend less time and money by digging in the exact area.

That's what my System does... gets you over top of the large nuggets so you're 98% there. You do a minimal amount of digging, and if your luck is in, you win dig!

As it happens, several of our biggest winners are from Australia:

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But don't let Maher's winning location put you off trying... our winners come from all around the world. In fact, anywhere you can play the lottery, my System will help you.