Back To The Future: How History Can Help You Win The Lottery

The legendary Spitfire fighter at Biggin Hill

As I was returning from my daily walk this morning, I heard the deep, throaty sound of a powerful engine.

It seemed to be coming from above the hill behind me.

I paused on my driveway and looked up.

As I did, the distinctive silhouette of a World War II Spitfire aircraft flashed by - just hundreds of feet overhead - and sped into the distance. So close I could make out markings on the body and wings. It sent a shiver down my neck... it was an awe inspiring sight and sound... could have been right out of a film set.

In fact I thought for a moment that "Lord Of The Rings" - and lately "Tin Tin" - director Peter Jackson, who works just across the harbor from me, was making a new film.

But it turned out to be a commemorative flypast over the city, nothing more exciting.

Now, while this 70 year-old aircraft was spectacular, I'm not one for living in the past. My personal daily checklist doesn't include looking up ancient artefacts or studying history to get ahead in the lottery.

I don't care for antiques, even though I know their value will rise, because - as they also say about land - "they don't make it any more."

No, I like to live in the future.

The Jetsons with Rosy, the robot cleaner.

My day will come when Rosy - my Jetson-style personal robot - calls me for for my morning food pill, and proceeds to draw up my bed even before I ask her. I'm hoping.

But some things work better when they have a long history. And my lottery system is no exception.

Each year, as I add more winning figures to the research, it hammers home the fact that my system is robust and my past calculations are accurate.

And the procession of weekly winners tell me that I'm right, even after 20 years of operation.

In a way I'm like that Spitfire... built in the past, but still able to impress and give winners a thrill years later.

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