How I Wish-And-Win My Dream Cars - The 4 Easy Steps Everyone Can Use Also For Winning The Lottery

My Bentley Continental GT.

A while back I took delivery of one of the luxurious, smoothest and fastest sports cars in the world, a Bentley Continental GT.

It's one of a succession of high-end exotic cars I've desired and bought, like my Aston Martin Vanquish and Mercedes SL600.

If you've ever seen one - or been lucky enough to ride in a Bentley - you'll know they have the most quiet, sumptuous interiors of any car on the planet. Leather and wood everywhere. No plastic here!

That's why these low slung beauties are bought by celebrities like Paris Hilton, Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kardashian, David Beckham - and even the more discerning leaders of industry and go-getters on Wall Street.

And little ol' me :)

I celebrated the anniversary of this dark blue beauty by taking it out for a joyride. Have you ever been stared at? Take any of my cars out on a drive and you'll get this experience at every mile. 

I'm used to having cars pull in behind me, or take an age to pass, as the occupants take a long look at the shining paintwork and sleek lines.

My new Aston Martin Roadster sits prettily in my garage.

What I want to explain to you now is how I got another of the best sports cars in the world into my garage. And too, how you can get most things you desire - including winning a large lottery jackpot. After all, winning the lottery is what we're here for.

And these are tips you can start right now. Because you don't have to wait until someone gives you permission when to kickstart your own success. As I've mentioned in previous posts, you should act NOW and forget the rules that others set for you.

Don't wait till the year starts, or next Monday, or when something has run out... Do It Now!

There are 4 main criteria for getting what you want. Whether it's winning the lottery or getting a new car like me, these are the steps you need to take to get there.

But first, don't confuse my steps with positive thinking mumbo-jumbo. While I'm a glass-half-full optimist, the reality is that my dreams are fulfilled ONLY by me taking certain steps. Nothing in life appears like magic - although it might seem that way to some folk looking in from the outside.

Magical thinking - where you sit back for 10 minutes a day and think about your quest - is fine occasionally. But there are certain action steps you need to take to getting what you want.

Everything you want can be attained if you construct and follow these Wish-And-Win steps in sequence:

STEP #1: Know What You Want. How does an airliner reach another airport on the other side of the world? It has a destination. Where would it be without a destination? Probably anywhere the captain wants to take a rest from flying. Poor passengers if it's the ocean! Do you see how important it is to know what you want? It's pretty obvious, isn't it?

That's why I'm not going to explain this simple step in any more detail. If you want a new car, then make sure you KNOW what you want, else the next steps are useless.

I have wanted my Bentley since this model was introduced in 2003. When I looked back at all my internet bookmarks for cars, I can see I started collecting information on this particular model a year or two after they came out. Now, back then I didn't actually believe I could own one. Because as little as 7 years ago I was still a bit timid in my thinking. My plans were mediocre, my modest achievements were accomplished already. Acquiring anything like this exotic machine - owned by millionaires and the super-rich - seemed too remote, too unobtainable for me.

But since then I have gained confidence with smaller purchases, until today I truly believe I can achieve anything I want. Really. The evidence of that belief is sitting in my garage right now, the envy of the neighborhood.

I had a goal. I knew what I wanted. That's your first step too.

STEP #2: Imagine Your Success. Since you haven't got your flash car, new job, new house or freed yourself of debt yet, all you can do is imagine what it would be like having done all these. It doesn't matter how you do it. Just imagine.

I collect photos of the car I want and use it as a screensaver on all 6 of my computer screens. I sometimes buy a realistic model and position it where I can see it whenever I pass by.

One person even wrote a milllion-dollar check out to themselves and put a date on it!

There are many ways to visualize your goal, and the secret is to bring every sense to bear on it... smell the leather, dream the drive.... imagine yourself pulling in to the filling station, cashing the big bucks check.

So imagine your goal already attained and live it for a few minutes whenever you have a moment. Do it often. Daydream a little and often, daily.

STEP #3: Don't Be Shy. Some years ago I had a friend who got a lot done. He was known as Mr Action, and he achieved more than the rest of us in our group. He was talking to me a while back, asking if I knew anyone who had a particular gemstone he wanted.

I didn't know anyone, but I asked him why he would contact me - a writer who knew nothing about precious stones. His answer was revealing...

"Ken, I ask everyone," he said. "Even if they don't have any interest or connection with what I want, I ask anyway."

He continued: "You'd be amazed at how many people know someone else who could help me. All I have to do is put my question in their mind."

Instead of asking friends if they had a gemstone, his approach was to ask if they knew anyone who did. The results were amazing... and he got more contacts than anyone I knew. Move forward with your goal and get connected with anyone you think can help - and even those you think who can't. Ask them if they know anyone who can help you.


STEP #4: Take Relentless Focused Action. I ordered my Bentley well before I was ready to pay for it. That's right. I had spent my money elsewhere and I wasn't ready to buy, but I decided it was time to take action.

So I called the salesman and asked him to phone me when a Bentley with the specifications I wanted came in. Then I kept reminding him whenever I got the chance, slipping it into the conversation. I told him I was waiting on his call.

That happened to be a couple months later. He phoned me with a lead, and it was the perfect color combo and year I wanted. (By the way, I don't buy cars new... the depreciation is huge in the first couple of years. Better to let some rich owner take that loss instead of you).

So all the pieces in the purchase lined up, and I was able to complete the deal and drive it home that afternoon.

I can't stress how important ALL these steps are to your progress for winning the lottery. I'm not alone... many successful people take these steps, knowingly or unknowingly. It is an essential sequence that leads to your goals faster than you think:

#1. Determine your game and stick to it. Don't get sidetracked!

#2. Imagine yourself winning. This is important to keep your enthusiasm going when the wins are slow or low.

#3. Don't wait until conditions are perfect. Every week you miss playing, you miss winning!

#4. Take RFA... Relentless Focused Action. Hammer away until you win. Don't let anyone get in your way.

Now get started! Put everything into place and never give up!

It's sunny here, and I'm just off for a drive. Now, which car shall I take?