Identical Twins: How To Tell Similar Lottery Winning Systems Apart

I was talking to my wife just now. We were sitting in our giant lounge in the sun watching the ships come in across the sparkling waters of the harbor, and out of the blue she said to me,

"Isn't it amazing how all humans look so different."

Might have something to do with the TV program we had watched on identical twins.

Though they looked the same at a glance, they had different personalities which certainly made them identifiably different.

And I began thinking... my Silver Lotto System is exactly the same.

While it has a "lottery system" tagline and might look the same as other systems, it's actually very different to any other I've ever seen.

And it works in completely the opposite way that you would expect...

For a start, I designed it to work by removing negative number combinations, leaving a small number of the good ones. With a small amount of luck and persistence, anyone can win constantly:

Just thought I'd update you since my last communication - Ken I have continued to win at EACH and EVERY draw I entered since purchasing your system... it's like having a part time job or something!!! To reiterate, I have won EACH and EVERY draw I entered. Thanks again, Ken. I can feel the big one coming and WILL let you know when it does.
Yours truly, Diane

Hi Ken, I bought your system about two years ago, and I have been a constant winner since. To date I have won $33,675.00! My last win was this past Wednesday when I knocked off another $1,370.00!
J.M.R. (name and email supplied)

And that's all I'm going to say about it. Its inner workings are as secret as the Coca-Cola formula.

So my System doesn't have a twin anywhere! (And if it does, report it to me... it's certain to be a rip-off copy).

Another big difference is that my System works towards helping you get winning often - rather than the almost impossible jackpot.

But that doesn't mean to say that Silver Lotto System winnings are small beans. Take a look at this:

Ken, Still shaking from my win, bought your Silver Lotto system last year and have played lotto regularly since... until last night. Checked my ticket online and I have won 1st division $22,236,652.87.
Your system works. Regards, Jason

 And lastly, I have proof that it works. Hundreds, if not thousands of people have confirmed that to me, and you can see their comments on my Silver Lotto System website at /winners

So what's stopping you moving and buying it right now, ready for tomorrow's game? Start now!

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