My 6-Hour Battle With The Microwave: How It Changed My Life And Will Help You Win Lotto

After we moved into our new house a few years ago, I bought a new Smeg microwave to match the existing built-in oven.

But when I put the microwave into the open cupboard above the oven, it had unsightly gaps around it.

So I checked with the store, and found I could buy a special stainless steel factory kit made exactly for this problem.

Shocknote: - It cost around half the price of the microwave. That's right - the price tag was a whopping 50% of this expensive Italian microwave. Just for some pressed stainless steel... no microwave unit, no fancy door to keep out the rays, no heating element to use as a mini-oven, no buttons and control unit... nothing. Just flat polished steel shaped to cover up some gaps.

After I recovered from the sticker shock and found there was no alternative, I bought it. 

How was I going to fit it? The kitchenware shop said no problem, fitting it was an easy task for a DIY'er (Do It Yourselfer).

"You can instal this in a few minutes flat," they said confidently. A small chill came over me when I heard those words. In my experience nothing is ever as simple as that. But I took the unit under my arm and set off home.

Armed with all the essential tools I thought I would need... screwdrivers, saw, electric drill, measuring tape... I set out on this easy do-it-yourself project after dinner, around 7pm.

A word about my building skills... I'm pretty good at making and fixing stuff. Not expert, but good. When our boys were small I built them a land yacht that we used used on the local airfield at weekends. They still talk about it 30 years later.

And I built a pram dinghy that gave them hours of fun in the river at the bottom of our garden. It never sank, so I guess I can use that as the best example of 'built to last!'

I'll spare you the story about how I spent the next six hours in our kitchen. It was a monumental task that never seemed to end. I had a LOT of problems with the fitting.

At nearly 1.15am... yep, in the early hours of the morning - I packed my tools together and surveyed my work through bleary eyes. Pretty as a picture. There it is finished in this photo that I took the day after.

It was perfect. And I was exhausted. So I made a pact with myself...

From that time on, I was always going to let Experts do the work. I would not waste my valuable time any longer.

Not only do these people have the skills needed to do the job perfectly, they do the same thing day after day. So they are going to be better at it than anyone else, no question.

It's the same with my Silver Lotto System. I've spent countless hours getting the System working to its highest level, tweaking and fiddling until it is the best system on the market for consistent winning.

It will take anyone else years to figure it out. Or they may never catch up since I've been doing this since 1991 now.

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Done by an expert (me) to save you time and trouble.

And all this because of a microwave!

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