Vance Asked, And I Found The Solution - Never Search For Winning Lotto Numbers Ever Again

Here's the answer to your problem...

"Hey Ken," said my friend Vance over the phone, "I can never find my local lottery results each week, can you do something for me?"

"So what exactly is your problem?"

"Well, I can't figure out how to bookmark the website so I can check the lotto numbers from my mobile," he said. "And sometimes I'm on my iPad, and then maybe from my PC at work."

And he added, "But don't tell anyone about the work thing, OK?" I grinned. I was sure he knew that his bosses could find everywhere he'd been.

It made me think about how we use our internet devices. I rarely use bookmarks either, because I mainly rely on Google Chrome's drop-down menu to tell me where I last saw the results site.

But that's not really good enough. So I set out and added the official results pages for hundreds of world lottery games here.

It makes the week's numbers real easy to find. And the link takes you straight to the official RESULTS page for every game in the world - no clicking through several menus to get there.

And maybe you'll get results like this:

Ken I bought your system ... Since then computer crashed , new computer,changed internet carriers, etc,etc. Anyway still kept trying the system and 2 weeks ago won 2nd division powerball $100,000.00.... Thanks Phil. pf*******


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