The Magical Power That Changes Your Life When You Win The Lottery

Photo via jalopnik

Kim Dotcom, pictured above - at one time one of the world's most notorious hackers - lives in our small country, and previously rented a giant $30m mansion with a helipad and some lifesize giraffe statues.

He's been indicted for running MegaUpload, a file sharing business that made over $175 million in a few short years.

And during the course of the raid on his property, the media reported some remarkable facts about how he spent his money.

After discovering $12 million in cash on the premises, they towed away a Rolls Royce and several Mercedes cars. A private helicopter stands in the grounds in one of the photos.

It is an extraordinary example of how one person earns and spends a fortune.

The problem came when the people using his service downloaded illegal material. (I'm probably one of the few people left in the world who hasn't ever downloaded copyright material - I hate piracy of any kind and I always pay full price).

There's something to be said for getting a large sum of money legally through winning the lottery. You have far less problems!

Right now my wife is talking to our daughter in another country. I can hear her laughing on the phone in the next room. It's a very powerful moment. 

Our daughter has been living overseas for the last four years, but we have been able to visit her quite frequently. And she has been back home a few times as well. 

But without the funds to do this... the cold hard cash needed for the airline tickets and accommodation and car hire... we would be reduced to talking by Skype or phone instead of visiting her.

Skype is never the same as real face-to-face.

I can't begin to tell you how important it is to be able to do WHAT you want, WHEN you want.

And in our fast, commercial, money oriented world - there's no substitute for full control over what you want to do. It just takes money.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to travel - or any of life's multitude of marvelous choices. You simply need to have enough money to make it happen.

It's these kind of advantages that wealth brings... connecting with family and helping people out that makes a lottery winning essential.

What could you do with this amount for example?

As film star Mae West used to say, "I've been rich and I've been poor. Believe me, rich is better." 

Money has the power to change your life in a Mega way!

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