Would You Spend $4,000 A Week Playing Lotto? Here's How To Make Big Ticket Savings

Sometimes it takes a peep into someone else's life to give your own a shakeup. It happened to me when I read about the money some players were spending in our national lottery.

According to our local paper a few years back: "...three people had bought tickets to the value of $2,000, $3,000 and $4,000 yesterday. The $4,000 punter is a regular who spends the same amount, on the same numbers, every week."

The good news is that he could have reduced this crazy figure down to almost nothing if he knew about my System.

Using a lottery system is a bit like buying a film camera. Remember film?

Many years ago I was a professional photographer, for 10 years, so I know a lot about film. Of course digital has all but taken over now, but back then buying a camera was a low-price investment compared to the cost of film you needed for it.

The better shots you got... the less wastage - from blurry photos, cut-off heads, red eye shots, missing body parts (urk, sounds like a Halloween movie). The less waste, the more valuable your camera became.

You saved by using less film.

It's just the same with a lottery system. The better the system works, the less you pay for your tickets - because you win proportionally more with it.

And here's two ways to do it:

TIP #1: Predict Your Next Game

1. Check out the results of the last game in your area. Go back to the winning numbers on the last day of play.

2. If your game has unusual number combinations, like this example: - Three consecutive numbers together like 3, 4, 5, or 25, 26, 27 - Numbers concentrated together at one end of the range, like 33, 35, 36, 38 or 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 (not those numbers - just a pattern like that)...

3. ...then make sure you play the very NEXT game.

Your winning chances will improve because it's unlikely these unusual number pattern sets will appear again in the very NEXT game.

The Silver Lotto PRO works because it removes these 'bad' number patterns in a very sophisticated way. You can duplicate it by following the el cheapo method above.

By watching out for the strange number patterns like the ones above and playing the NEXT game, you'll improve your winning chances considerably.


TIP #2: Use LottoPredict

Buy and USE the Silver Lotto System and combine it with LottoPredict. Because this combo gives a huge odds advantage - up to 98% when used together with PRO. That means you need less tickets to get more results, and you waste less playinf money.

Here's what one player got from playing tiny amounts. Note that after the 2nd week all the prizes were effectively free:

Week 1 - spent $40 - won $54
Week 2 - spent $60 - won $232 (my tickets were free from this point!)
Week 3 - spent $30 - won $128
Week 4 - spent $30 - won $12
Week 5 - spent $30 - won $10
Week 6 - spent $30 - won $46
Week 7 - spent $60 - won $612
Week 8 - spent $20 - won $3,300
Week 9 - spent $30 - won $85
Week 10 - spent $60 - won $5
Week 11 - spent $20 - won $210
Week 12 - spent $60 - won $126
Cheryl M. 


--- Hi Ken, I bought your system about two years ago, and I have been a constant winner since. To date I have won $33,675.00! My last win was this past Wednesday when I knocked off another $1,370.00!
J.M.R. (name and email supplied)


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