The Secret Benefits Of Thinking Yourself Rich

A while back I had a buying and selling frenzy.

I boughtRange Rover Vogue 5-liter Supercharged (photo above), and sold another SUV... my Lexus LX570.

Then I bought a new watch - an Omega Speedmaster, and a Panasonic flatscreen tv for my office.

Notice anything about my purchases?

If you're knowledgable about stuff, you'll know that all these buys have been quality items.

Both SUVs are the top of the line flagships of their respective companies. The Panasonic tv is the 3D model with twice as many HD pixels as any other set. The picture is the best you'll get anywhere.

My watch is not the most expensive by any means, but my $7,000 got me a nice mid-range timepiece that looks good and will outlast me.

Quality counts. Here's why...

You see, when most people get money and buy stuff, they generally stick to their old routine. Why go past Walmart, they figure. It sells everything they need. Who needs the best of everything?

It's an argument I've never had to explain. As I earned more, I bought better quality in everything.

And it paid off when I needed it... for example when I sold my Rolex Explorer watch 20 years ago (I needed the money) I got back 90% of what I paid for it 3 years earlier.

Brad Pitt wore a Rolex Explorer at one time.

Same applies today with many Rolexes, they always keep their value.

My cars - mostly Mercedes back then - all sold with very little loss too. Some I even made money on because I kept them pristine and the demand was there.

There's more to quality than you think. It affects how you motivate yourself too.

If you're content to buy cheap just to make big savings and get by, you will still do the same when you buy your lottery tickets. You'll be a cheapskate out of habit, and this will get you nowhere fast.

Spending $5-10 a game with my System is just not going to cut it. You'll do far better than average, but not get the best results.

I had to help out several people this month. They told me they only spent a maximum of $10-12 a game because they couldn't afford to spend more. And that was the problem.

It was not a lack of money. It was a lack of foresight. If they had kept back their weekly $12 for a month, they would have had $48 to put on the game. I would guarantee they would see better results from that. Their poor thinking caused them to lose out.

Once you decide that you will only bring quality into your life, your attitude will change.

You will win more, and more frequently, when you kick your cheap-living habits and start thinking quality. Of course it doesn't mean you should go out and buy that diamond studded earring set. That comes later when you CAN afford it.

Think quality. Spend to get quality. Win more.

Hi Ken,

I bought your system and I have been a constant winner since. To date I have won $33,675.00! My last win was this past Wednesday when I knocked off another $1,370.00!