What The Rich Do With Their Money That's Plain Stupid (And It Will Astonish You!)


"What do you think?" said the neighbor, as we looked around his property and saw the improvements.

"Great!" we all said, but secretly I was thinking... he's a cash millionaire but the place is not finished yet?

And we listened as he and his partner detailed all the work they were going to do over the next few months... maybe years. I was too polite to tell him a few home truths which I'll explain in a minute. But first I'm going to use this following example to change your thinking about the use of money.

Note that I said the USE of money... this is different to dealing with actual money itself. Because it's only the USE that will make a difference in your life.

We're all used to getting paid for our time, then spending most of our wages on essentials - and maybe putting a bit in the bank for a rainy day if we're lucky.

No surprise that we all live up to our full income, even the rich. A prominent financial planner to the moderately rich - that's earning up to $10m - said recently he was never surprised to see that even the wealthy had money problems.

People are people no matter how much they earn.

And it doesn't stop at the moderately wealthy either. A few years ago the accountant for Larry Ellison (Larry - the billionaire who owns Oracle and is one of the world's richest men) said he "must stop his runaway spending." Well, it seems everyone has problems of some sort at all levels.

There are a lot of people with too much money. Like my neighbor - and perhaps you, after winning the Big One.

And excess funds cause problems. Especially when you don't use it as it is intended... to be spread around.

For example, a couple of people I know have too much money in the bank. They haven't told me how much they earn, but I can figure it out based on their job position and the current earning patterns.

They are quite well off. But you wouldn't think so. Because they do everything themselves.

  • They mow their own lawns.
  • They chop their own wood. 
  • They do their own decorating and painting, and gardening.

My house-fixin' neighbor has spent 2 years doing up his home. It looks terrific, but... 2 years gone and still not completed??

With a few thousand dollars drawn from his comfortable bank account he could have hired all the experts he needed... and have the place finished in a couple of weeks. He and his partner could have stayed in a nearby hotel for the time and brought more income to the local economy through all the services they would use there.

But because they are so hands-on, they are always behind the eight ball, tired, and don't have enough time to enjoy their spoils.

You will probably be in the same position as them after your win. And like them you've been trained from an early age to respect hard work, and heck, you'll be darned if you'll let someone else do it - even if they do it better than you!

So here's what I'm guessing will happen...

After your win you'll have a ton of greenbacks stashed away - but you'll continue your old lifestyle of DIY (Do It Yourself).

And this will be bad for the workers, trades and experts you could hire to make your life easier. They will lose out in many ways:

  • The laundry service will lose your $60 a week. 
  • The lawn cutting service will lose your $55 a week. 
  • The housemaid service will lose your $150 a week. 
  • The nanny will lose your $400 a week. 
  • The window cleaners will lose your $90 a week (you have a LOT of windows in your lotto mansion!) 
  • The mobile car cleaners will lose $30 per car a week (yup, that's $180 gone). 
  • The pool cleaning service will lose $50 a week.

There's more losses too, on a less regular basis... the guy who refills your filtered water, the ventian blind guy who cleans your 70-100 blinds, the tv installer who upgrades your plasma, the house painter, the waterblasting service. And so on.

It's a huge economy out there, and everyone relies on spenders like you to put food on their table. If not, they have to find work elsewhere, and in today's economy that could be difficult.

Big Lesson here: Money is made to be used, not hoarded.

When you have a huge winning sum from your lottery win, you'll never have any problems again in your lifetime. But make sure you don't cause problems for others by withholding it.

Spread your good fortune round. So make sure it is earning some interest, and then spend some of that amount on getting things done... by others.

It will be the best investment you'll ever make.

By the way, you needn't go overboard like Polo clothes founder Ralph Lauren. In a recent article I read how his gardeners have to remove the animal barriers from his immaculate gardens before sunrise, so he can awake to a pristine uncluttered view of his grounds from his bedroom window.

Oh well, if he's paying, who minds!


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