Showing My New Panasonic 42" HD TV In My Office

Here's a photo of the new Panasonic HD Viera Plasma television I bought for my home office a couple of days ago, sitting pretty on the entertainment unit.

On the right is the Sky digital box, and the rest of the equipment showing is a KEF speaker system with DVD player on the left. The KEF subwoofer is on the floor at the far right of the picture.

When I first went to replace the 42" standard definition TCM flatscreen I'd bought about 10 years ago, I thought I would just get another cheap unit. After all, it's just for occasional use in my office. I'm not a big tv watcher when I work, and since three walls are 12ft high floor to ceiling glass windows, the conditions for viewing are not that great during the day.

But then I saw what was available - the best definition available in any Panasonic plasma - and I was hooked on the quality. Having 3D was a bonus, but I doubt I'll get a player for this.

I've got a 65" Panasonic plasma in our main lounge too, which we've had for 3 years or so... I'm a great fan of the superb quality of the Panasonic line... and the purchasing power of the lottery!

UPDATE: Got some comments from readers who thought this was my lounge room. No - it's my office, a 400 sq ft room with the entertainment unit, 2 more storage units and my 6' Italian glass desk that holds my three 24" Apple Mac screens and Mac tower. I'll put up a photo of these soon.