Why I Aspire To Live Like Elizabeth Taylor (Without The Diamonds)

The stunning Elizabeth Taylor via wallpaperpassion

You've been reading these posts - perhaps even since I started writing them back in 2004- and at times you've felt like asking me EXACTLY how to win the lottery and retire forever.

I'll answer that by saying this. Your lottery life is divided into two parts, and I can help you with both...

The first part is the mechanical. This is where you fill out the numbers, get your tickets and play the games. Everyone does that, more or less.

The second part is a bit more vague. It has to do with the hidden power of visualization and motivation. I'm not talking "The Secret" here, or "How To Get Anything You Want In 24 Hours" rubbish.

No, the kind of positivity I frequently talk about is how to keep going with your play when the winnings are infrequent.

This motivation is so important that I write about it every chance I get in most of my newsletter articles. For example:

- I talk about ways you can improve your lotto game. Not only about the days of the week you should play, the numbers to avoid... but how to stay really enthusiastic. All this is contained in the messages I've written to you over many years.

- I help you be consistent. I make your lottery life so easy that you have little chance of losing if you follow my instructions to to the letter.

For example, my system is designed so that all the work is done once and once only. You only fill out your tickets once, and that's usually a simple job of 30 minutes (with the Silver Lotto System), or faster with the Custom Profiles.

- I keep your costs down, leaving you more cash in your pocket - that's got to be motivational! I do it by giving you a system like LottoPredict that accelerates your small investment into potentially giant returns.

In my case, I win a prize 99 times out of every 100 games I play. It's such an extraordinary win rate that I don't brag too much about it because few will believe it. There's enough lottery hokum out there... and I don't want to look like the rest of them.

- I talk about what I personally enjoy so you get motivated too. When I discuss my exotic cars and inspirational lifestyle interests, I'm trying to embed desire into your own thought patterns so you want more from life and will do anything to get there.

For example, I have my Egyptian cotton bed linen (yes, high luxury threadcount quality) commercially washed and ironed, and changed twice a week. My pillowcases are changed daily.

It would be nice to have my sheets changed each day like the late film star Elizabeth Taylor famously did - though she did it for different reasons. (Google it)!

I'm now such an expert on high quality bedding that even my daughter has asked me for advice.

Life can be lived in a dramatically different way - if you know what you want and have the money to access it.

So the two-part answer is that you need both kinds of information.

You need knowledge for the practical, once-only set up... and ways to improve your winning chances.

Then you need perseverance to keep applying my simple lottery system until you win big. That could be days, weeks or even longer. But you will get there!

Join me... life's good on this side of the sheets!