20 Strangely Weird Habits - Will They Help You Win The Lottery?

We're all a bit weird in some way, even the normal among us. Some folk avoid walking on the cracks for example, others check their locks 20 times a day.

So out of curiosity today I started making a list of my own weirdnesses, and got a shock. That's because the bulk of the list showed - in no uncertain manner - that I have Obsessive Tendencies. It is quietly discomforting to know this.

Some of the habits are quite interesting, but others are strangely odd. I use the word 'hate' often, even though I'm not a hating kinda guy in any way.

I'll leave you to make the decision on my sanity here. And after the list I'll tell you what weird traits won't help you winning the lottery.

1. I always take everything out of my cars when I get out. The interiors of my cars look like new whenever I'm not inside, because I remove everything...rubbish, personal items, books - after every trip, whenever I arrive home.

2. I hate any rubbish in the kitchen sink. My wife occasionally drops in a cleaning sponge or maybe a bit of paper. Nooo! My sinks have to be sparkling and empty.

3. I hate anyone reading a newspaper before me. It has got to be new and uncreased, though I stop at having it ironed :)  My peculiarity comes from years of newspaper ownership I guess. But mainly because I can't abide creased, ripped or out-of-order pages.

David Beckham (BusinessInsider)

4. Famous footballer David Beckham and I share a common dislike. He makes sure all his cups are lined up in the cupboard with the handles facing the same way. So do I. But I stop at only having equal numbers showing, like him. That's definitely weird.

5. I don't read or watch bad news. If there's a headline or news about murder, riots, amputations or anything negative, I turn it off or look away.

6. I also turn down the tv sound for adverts. I used to make my money designing ads. Now I can't stand them.

7. I change my pillowcases each day, even though I don't dribble or dirty them. And bed sheets I change twice a week. I would change them daily like the late Elizabeth Taylor, but she had personal issues (her husband's lovers in their marital bed) that made her obsessive about it. I don't have any such issues.

8. I don't like to take the same route twice when walking or driving. It's hard when there's only one exit from your house road, but whenever I can I will take alternative routes to my destination. Helps me see new things and stay fresh. Sometimes I walk down our stairs backwards to keep my reflexes alert.

9. I won't ever wear a tie again. A tie round my neck to me means restriction, not fashion. Life is too short to impress others while you slowly throttle yourself.

10. I have never used or even turned on the radio, tv or cd player in any of my cars, either while stopped or driving. Yet I am a musician who loves music. I just like to concentrate on the road without distraction.

11. I'm trying to give up shaking hands. I know that 50% of people don't wash their hands after going to the toilet, so what else would they be harboring that will kill me? I don't even like thinking about it. Also, when I shake hands with males, there's a dominance thing going on. While I'm a strong handshaker, some grips from competitive males are unpleasantly painful.

12. I don't offer to open stuck bottle tops or lids. If other people can't open them, I won't be able to either, and I'll just end up damaging my joints. The days when I used to show my superior strength with these kinds of manly tricks are over!

13. Nothing disgusts me more than seeing someone eat with their mouth open.

14. Even though I preach that it's more efficient to only do stuff once (read an email once and act on it, touch a piece of paper only once and act on it), I can't resist clicking on my lottery websites every few hours to watch my sales figures climb.

15. I won't go near a hospital. These are places for collecting diseases, so why would anyone want to go right to the source of viruses? Not me, for sure.

16. Kids are cute, but I find they don't become interesting to talk to until they get to their teens. (Then they clam up. You can't win!)

17. I always drive - rarely am I a willing passenger. Except in aircraft. It's a control thing again.

18. I hate the internet for discovering that there are many thousands of people just like me. From childhood I had always thought I was unique and had original ideas... but I've found the net has uncovered many people just like me, who think the same, had the same ideas at the same time as me, and often share the same opinions. It is very discouraging to know there are mental clones of you all over the world.

19. I'm still vain as I age. I am still concerned about my appearance many decades after the need to look my best. In the early days we first primp ourselves up to attract a partner. But when we snare one, we don't need to do this. So the extra effort in appearance now is simply vanity (and habit).

20. I believe sci-fi and horoscopes are beneficial to humanity. Both present a view of the future which we all build into. A horoscope works for believers by becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Same with sci-fi... the vision of the future is compellingly set out ready for anyone to pick up. They are both a force for control of the future.

Notice anything about these foibles? Yes, while I have some decidedly strange ideas and beliefs, there's no number fetish... I don't have favorite numbers, or believe that numbers control us. The Mayan 2012 end-of-the-world doom prediction is patently stupid.

So I don't believe in lucky numbers either. Luck, yes. Numbers, yes. But lucky numbers? There's no such thing.

So what works? My Silver Lotto System negative number strategy which I should have patented. It works like crazy no matter what kind of weird habit you have:

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