The Riches Mindset: How To Ramp Up Your Lottery Winnings (But First You Have To Be A Bit Crazy)


WARNING: Don't read this if you are easily offended. It's controversial, and only a handful of readers will truly get it. If that's you, then maybe you'll benefit from my opinionated comments - maybe you won't. But it will give you something to think about.

~The Riches Mindset~

A few minutes ago I heard the sound of jet engines coming over my house. Since we are several miles from the airport, this was unusual. They don't normally take this route. As I looked up I saw a private jet, a glistening white and silver Gulfstream streaking over our home. It was still thousands of feet in the air, but the sound was unmistakable.

It was the sound of money.

Inside, a gaggle of businessmen or woman and their assistants were probably preparing for the landing. Maybe they were peering out and seeing our home high on the green hillside above the picture-perfect harbor.

"Say," maybe one was pointing out to the other, his champagne glass in his hand glinting in the late afternoon sun streaming in through the elliptical window, "sure is a pretty city."

How does anyone get from the ground to the air like this? From struggle and toil - to flying like a bird without a care in the world?

It's in the mindset. You CAN have a rich mindset. And that will change your life for the better no matter who or where you are.

What I'm about to say here is totally opposite to everything you've been told to believe when it comes to getting money. Even in these negative times of job loss, housing and gas price stress, you can change your life around and truly live happy.

A rich mind is just a mindset change. And I'll tell you what I do to achieve this state.

I started thinking about this when I recently came across one of many websites that seeks to pull us down to the dull level of the unthinking masses... people who are unable to think for themselves. This one explained about how you can make your own cleaner out of baking soda, and save, oh - around $1.30c a year.

I got annoyed, because I know that success in any field is not achieved by the average guy saving pennies.

It is made by the contrarian thinker who takes action, who ignores the rest of the world and becomes wealthy beyond the rest of their neighborhood. The high fliers. None of the jet passengers got there by clipping coupons or saving on dog food.

Could you change your mindset and realize your true worth?

I have done it, and I'll tell you how. With or without winning the lottery.

It means completely ignoring people who suggest you can save a penny here and a cent there by making your own soap powder. The same time-wasters who also say you can become a millionaire by putting 10% away in a compounding account and waiting 30 years.

What! I can't wait 30 minutes for my wealth. I could die any minute. All those years wasted for nothing!

These do-gooders... the financial experts, the careful and cautious... all try to tell us how we should live THEIR way:

- Stop buying cars, they say. It will drive you broke with depreciation and running costs. As for expensive cars, they aren't necessary, you only need to get from A to B.

MINDSET CHANGE: Wrong! People treat you differently when you drive a quality car (Notice I said 'quality'. It doesn't need to be expensive, for now. Even a 20 year-old Mercedes in nice condition will do). A quality ride is a magical experience. Ask anyone who has ridden in a modern Rolls Royce. Why should you settle for less? People with low self-esteem and low ambition can drive anything - they don't care. Notice they also dress poorly in polyester and have worn out shoes. Owning a good car is essential to boosting your well being. It's good for promotion prospects too. A car liberates you, and defines you. Taking a train or bus will just keep you grounded in poverty thinking like the masses. (If you live in New York, maybe you'll have parking problems, but with money they too can be solved).

- You only need a small home, they say. Look what you'll save on maintenance and taxes.

MINDSET CHANGE: Wrong! I gladly pay a small fortune for my large house and upkeep because I'm enjoying every spacious minute of it. I happily make the financial sacrifice. Know what defines the rich from the poor, apart from money? Space. The more you have, the better you live. The expression "no room to swing a cat" means that small is useless, big is better.

- The best things in life are free, the 'experts' say.

MINDSET CHANGE: Maybe air is. And your family. But think about it... your family - the best 'free' thing we all have - will still visit you no matter where you are, even in your rundown slum in a swamp on the edge of a nuclear plant development. But wouldn't they prefer to play tennis on your double courts, take a hike round your 200 acre wooded back yard, swim in your Olympic size pool? You bet. Your family will still love you for free, whether you are rich or poor. So why not aim for rich?

Are you proud of having the biggest pile of grocery savings vouchers? Are you overjoyed when you score a bonus point on your loyalty card? (Just 999 points to go for a free egg whisk!) Do you forage the local tip for stuff you can use in your own home, to save buying it? Get real.

Free stuff is good for meeting low expectations. Penny-pinching depresses you and keeps you at a low level of achievement. When you're on the breadline, everything looks like bread. When you live at this lower level, your mind shrinks to adapt to it.

By contrast I have a rich mindset. So I never do these things:

- I never look at the gas prices... I just pay whatever it takes to get premium fuel.

- I never know what food costs. I just buy what I need.

- I never worry where the money will come from. It always does.

- I rarely question the price of things. But I will try for a bargain where I can. Saved 10% (that's $20,000 I got back) on my recent car by clever negotiation.

- I always pay a good tradesman their worth without a quibble.

While it took me a while to get to this position, anyone can do it with the right attitude and vision. The point is this - you and I are not going to get vast millions by spending on a $5 lotto ticket each month. You need to change your mindset and earn more so you can buy more tickets.

More tickets means more chances.

It's time to step up to the plate and go for gold! Here's some crazy ideas for you to get started earning big and thinking big in your new life:

#1- Buy an expensive watch. Even if you own nothing else, get a good watch for the simple fact that it will inspire you. It's a mobile symbol of your expectation. Every time you look at it, you'll think about the good life it represents. That constant trigger will give you incentive to get moving, get earning more, spending more on lotto. A few years back I bought my wife a Omega watch to match mine. Hers is a Cindy Crawford model with umpteen diamonds worth three times the value of mine. Mine is an Omega Constellation, a more modest watch. I'm not a flashy person by nature. Interestingly, whenever I look at her watch, I think about what I need to do to drive up my own income further.

#2- Fill your wallet with cash. What's the amount of folding paper that scares you to have in your wallet? $50? $200? $500? Choose the amount that makes you nervous, and keep it in your wallet. Guess what? After a while, you'll start to feel good about it. You won't be worried about being caught away from an ATM or bank. You'll be able to negotiate with sellers - offer them either a credit card, or a lower cash amount. You'll be surprised how low you can go with cash. But the best result of this move is that you'll feel rich, very rich. Cash is king. It's tangible. Just don't flash it about :-) On that note, I have two sections in my wallet. In the front I have paper money from Fiji which at a glance looks much like our own currency, but is virtually worthless. My plan is to give this to muggers who won't look closely at it in their haste to get away. Problem: I've never been mugged to try it out!

#3- Live beyond your means. There's nothing that inspires me more than to get up each morning and find ways to get a bigger mortgage. I'm living in my dream house, but I have a better one lined up. Just need a few million more to acquire it. Having a big commitment makes me work smarter and buy more lotto tickets. Don't listen to Suze Orman or any other number of 'sensible' financial advisors who dispense ordinary advice. They're only trying to bring you down to the masses way of thinking, and keep you poor and compliant.

#4- Don't have a rainy day reserve fund. What's the point of having money if you don’t use it? It's useless sitting there, gathering a tiny few percent in interest. Instead, take out a credit card with a limit that allows you to live for 6 months, and keep it in a safe place. Don't ever use it unless in an emergency. That's your rainy day fund, and it only costs you $35/yr. Better than having $10,000 in savings which could buy you any number of fancy things right now. We've got two cards for this, and I'm putting a third one away as I speak. It's a great feeling.

#5- Change your job to sales. Working for $15/hr? That's peanuts. You're exchanging time for money and you'll never climb out of the debt pit this way. What happens when you run out of time to work? Simple - you limit your income.Let's say you work in a widget factory and can produce 1 widget an hour. You get paid $15 an hour to do that. How are you going to increase your income? You can't! The answer is to sell the widgets instead. If you sold 10 widgets at $100 each - hey, that's $1,000 straight off! Could you sell 100 widgets? That's $10,000. See the difference? Unlimited thinking is the key.

#6- Write your goals daily. Set extreme goals and confirm them in writing EVERY DAY, in the morning - to set the pattern for the day ahead. Do one thing towards your goal each day. Remember "The Secret"...that book that swept the world a while back? Though much of it was marketing twaddle, one of the most important parts was the goal setting through writing. For some reason the mind works on your written desires and brings them to fulfillment. It works for me all the time, and I don't know why or how. Like me, just do it and believe it will happen.

#7- Tithe. Tithing - giving away some of your money simply works. But it doesn't have to be money you give away. You can also quit your unused possessions. We gave away a perfectly good clothes drier recently to my wife's church, and someone right now is giving thanks for it. Money is just more convenient. Here's how tithing really works. Forget the spiritual rubbish about 'the universe' giving stuff back to you because you tithe. The reality is that by giving money or stuff away, you are subconsciously acknowledging that you are in fact wealthy enough to do it. That is an important boost to the rich mindset, and before you know it, you're doing more, taking more productive risks, living more fully. The fear of not having enough wealth is driven out when you give money or items away with a glad heart. It works on YOU.

Why am I suggesting these 7 strategies that most people think are wacky? Because unless you are able to play more than the average $5/week that most other lotto players spend, you're going nowhere fast. The more you spend on tickets, the faster your odds improve. It's simple maths. Accelerate everything in your life and you get there faster... whether it's success in your sales job, or winning lotteries.

Should you take any of my advice? Only a privileged few reading this are mentally capable of using this information wisely. The rest will end up poorer and in debt. And blaming me for it.

To sum it up:

  • You need to increase your income through a rich mindset to be able to afford more lotto tickets.
  • Your winnings will be getting you to the most powerful position in the world - your own independence and personal freedom.
  • Ignore conventional thinking. It will severely limit your earning opportunities.

Up to you now. Can you see yourself in the jet?


Ken, Still shaking from my win, bought your Silver Lotto system last year and have played lotto regularly since, definite small wins and a few no wins, until last night. Checked my ticket online and I have won 1st division $22,236,652.87. Your system works. Regards, Jason