Crazy Lottery Ticket Buyer Mistakes That Make Millionaires By Pure Accident


Napolean Elvord won $14.3 Million in the Wisconsin Megabucks by accident. PHOTO: JOHN HART State Journal

It's hard enough to win the jackpot by intention - let alone by accident.

But this is what has happened to several lucky people.

In Wisconsin, regular lottery player Napolean Elvord bought the wrong tickets by accident. He intended to buy a Powerball ticket but got a Megabucks one instead - which brought him a $14.3 million jackpot win.

If it hadn't been for workers at a local Mobil gas station asking him if he'd won, he may have missed out collecting his winnings.

Napolean Elvord's story of his remarkable Wisconsin Megabucks win.

And in November 2012, a lottery store clerk sold an extra Powerball ticket to a winner, boosting his win to $1 million instead of just $200,000.

A few months earlier, a Georgia woman won $25 million after the store clerk gave her the winning Powerball ticket instead of a Mega Millions ticket.

However, a word of advice... these are lucky flukes. You shouldn't depend on any accident to bring you the rare jackpot on a plate!


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