They Laughed When I Asked Which Home Appliance Brand I Should Buy

The Miele showroom in Beverly Hills, USA.

I sauntered into the kitchen appliance store and caught the attention of one of the salesmen.

He and another guy came over.

"I've got Smeg appliances throughout our kitchen," I said, "A dishwasher, oven, gas hob and microwave, but I only need to replace the dishwasher right now."

They nodded, and I continued.

"I was thinking of getting Miele instead. But tell me, what's the real difference in quality between them?"

Smeg is a mid range Italian appliance range, while Miele is more expensive and German made.

To me, they both looked the same on the outside. The only difference I could see between them was the higher price of the German brand.

To my surprise, the salesmen both looked at each other, and laughed.

Huh? Did they know something I didn't?

For years I've hammered on to you about buying quality. I try to always get the best whenever I can afford it, and so should you.

Long experience has taught me that the better quality item will perform better and last longer.

But there is one exception, and that is the lottery.

A lot of players will pay more to get into a 'better' lottery game.

Games like Mega Millions and Powerball. They will cost more per ticket, but give a far higher prize payout.

But you can - and should - forget about playing these if you want a quick win.

Instead, you should go for quantity. That means lots and lots of cheap lottery tickets.

For example, instead of buying 10 Powerball tickets with PowerPlay which will cost you $2 each, get 20-30 tickets in another smaller game for the same price.

This is the store where a USA Powerball winner bought a $202 million ticket.
In January this year the price of tickets was increased from $1 to $2.

You may only have the option of a $1-5 million jackpot against the $100 million-plus of Powerball.

But your winning odds rocket... your winning chances increase... and the jackpot potential is more rewarding because you are playing with lower balls and lower numbers.

So forget quality. Go for quantity every time. It will soon pay off for you.

That's only for the lottery. Everywhere else, pay for quality.

And the reason the Miele is better? Well, the sale guys gave a number of reasons, all to do with the engineering. They had laughed because they knew the shortcomings of the cheaper brands.

And they had the insider knowledge to recognize which brand to buy. I'm taking their advice next time.


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