SURPRISE: Motivation, Goal-Setting, Focus ... You Don't Really Need Any Of It

Why am I saying this? You don't need Motivation, Goal-Setting, Focus?

Especially when I have been talking about goals and persistence for the last few years. So what is making me tell you now that none of it is necessary?

The answer is Levels.

Let me explain...

Imagine a grading system for enthusiasm: 1 to 10.

I'm at Level 1. That's the highest, top-ranking level of motivation.

It's the same one that propels me to write a new article or two each day, for years at a time.

The same level that drives me to step out twice a week and spend more on lottery tickets than most people earn in a week.

The same level that causes me to set big goals for homes, cars, and family.

I am highly motivated.

If you want the best of everything, you need to be at Level 1 too.

And maybe you'll excel in record breaking achievements like space free faller Felix Baumgartner (photo).

But most people are not that fussy. Most people just want a peaceful life, free to do what they want.

The solution for that level, which I'll call Level 10... contentment... is very easy.

All you have to do is buy some lottery tickets using the Silver Lotto System every once in a while.

You don't need the frantic, work-filled existence that us Level 1's thrive on.

You are after something quite different from high achievers. You just want the happiness that comes from a decent win.

For a long time I didn't recognise that difference in others. I was always pressing them to do more, do better, get ahead. I didn't see that many folk just want the basics taken care of.

My mother celebrates her 91st birthday tomorrow in her rest home.

She is supremely content. Years before her move she said to me she was tired of making meals and taking care of the mundane chores.

I even bought her a Roomba robot vacuum to help her with the carpet cleaning.

But now she doesn't have to do a thing for herself. And she loves her new life.

And better, over the last few years in the home she has been improving mentally every day, becoming brighter and more alert. Strange but true.

So I acknowledge that we all move at a different pace.

Don't need the hassle of Level 1? The answer is easy.

Just make sure you buy a few tickets every game. The Silver Lotto System does the rest for you.

After all, you are not running a business, you are not filled with desire to capture the best in life. You will probably lead a happier, more contented life than the Level 1 guys.

And all you have to do is be in the game. Simple. Stressless.