81-Year-Old Year-Old Waitress Was Scammed When She Clicked On These Strange Links


The victim of a lottery scam. Waitress Antonia Becerra was on the point of retiring when she lost all her life savings. Via LA Times

My wife revealed something to me this morning. She said she was too scared to open most links in her emails.

She feared they would do something awful to her computer. So I asked her how she found the websites she needed.

And her reply... she only went to the ones she trusted. Well, that's sensible but pretty limiting - since you don't know who to trust.

Trust is important on the net.

I still see shocking scams circulating, asking people to pay money to have their lottery prizes sent to them.

One unfortunate 81 year-old waitress in the photo above wasted her life savings on such a scheme. She lost around $60,000. She didn't know who was behind the site - but went ahead anyway.

Well, her decision was a bit silly, but it's also quite rare.

Because by now most people know not to give large sums away to these schemes. And many sites are trustworthy.

Internet shopping and online buying is increasing by up to 20% and more annually.

That means every year nearly a quarter more of the world's internet users are buying on the net.

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Tens of thousands of sales have been processed by the same company I started with all those years ago... Corporate Call Center (now Corporate Connect).

You won't last a week in today's strict security climate unless you are trusted. I've been going since 1991.

You can click on my links without worry.

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