ODDS PICKER: How To Select The Top Canadian Lottery With The Best Odds Of Winning

The biggest Lotto Max win to date was a total of $100 million in July 2012.

Canadians have a choice of 5 lotteries that can be played with the Silver Lotto System: the Atlantic 49, Lotto 649, Lotto Max 7/49, Western 49 and Ontario 49.

But which ones have the best odds of winning? Here's how to work it out:

The Silver Lotto System will work on any lottery, but is far more effective when the numbers and balls in the game are low. That means playing with the minimum number of balls along with the minimum amount of numbers.

The games with the smallest numbers will return the best odds for the number of tickets bought. And the Silver Lotto System will work better too with low numbers - it's just simple maths.

So the list now appears like this in low to high priority order:

  1. Atlantic 6-49 
  2. Lotto 6-49 
  3. Ontario 6-49 
  4. Western 6-49 
  5. Lotto Max 7-49

Since the first four games have the same balls and numbers, how do we make the choice between them?

Well, that's easy - the answer is because you can't play anywhere else. The borders and areas define where Canadians can play, and players will often only have one choice. You can only play the game in your area.

And there's one other point to consider...

The Lotto Max is least recommended because of its 7 ball disadvantage (6 balls are better odds than 7).

But Lotto Max has one benefit - the high jackpot. In July 2012 it went to $100 million.

The Lotto Max's second largest draw on July 17, 2015 drawing was the first held under new rules allowing the main jackpot to exceed $50 million. The $55 million prize was won by a group of 20 employees of a Rona store in Quebec. 

So while the Lotto Max odds are low, the jackpot is high and most players will want to play the Max despite the poorer odds. But the System works best with smaller numbers. You decide!


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