NUMBERS GAME: The Curious Random Winning Pattern That Fools A Lot Of People

I've just picked up my prize money from the lotto store for yesterday's game. Around $72 and a couple of bonus tickets... a small win this time, and mainly forgettable. I normally do much better.

But there's one thing about my wins today I won't forget. And that is the winning pattern of the tickets.

When I put the tickets through the machine, the winning tickets were the first 2 and the last 2 tickets in my pile of coupons.

Very neat, I thought.

Normally if the wins are within the first few tickets, I get very excited.

Usually because that starting pattern can often mean larger numbers of wins are waiting for me.

When that pattern happened 3 weeks ago, my selection of 22 prizes was clumped together in the first half of the tickets. 

The photo here shows all the tickets from that winning day.

But if I believed that was a regular recurring pattern - and tried to play only the first half of my ticket group to save money - I would have missed out on the last tail-end 2 wins today.

Some players look for winning patterns and try to replicate them. Wrong.

The lottery is quite random. Really, there is no guarantee that the tickets will be all at one end of the ticket selection or the other. So there is a danger in anticipating winning patterns.

With each game I'm constantly looking for ways to improve and sharpen up the Silver Lotto System.

So far, I haven't found anything that changes the basic System.

It is rock solid, and works well as it is. Just follow the system!


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