My Crushing Failure As A Temp, And Its Success Lesson For Lottery Players

Yes, I have been a temp... temporary worker. Many, many years ago, after one of my businesses failed and I had to find a job, I temped for about 6 months.

And I failed at that too.

But for a different reason...

It started over 30 years ago when I became a temp and was sent to a large graphic design firm to fix their work. My expertise was graphics, and I was expert in several software programs, including Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand.

This particular task was for Adobe Freehand, a popular and complex graphic program back then that was better than Photoshop in many ways.

I sat down at their computer and looked over the project. It was an advertisement design that needed work, and well within my capabilities.

Until I came to open Freehand on their giant Mac screen.

It was the next upgrade version to the one I had grown up with. And it was a disaster for me.

Because Freehand had completely changed in almost every crucial part. That familiar program I had used competently for years had changed beyond recognition.

I didn't know how to even open a file in it.

It was with a lot of embarrassment that that I approached the creative director and bowed out of the job.

I was crushed.

And this happened several times with software even as simple as Microsoft Word... each new version was changed so much that users needed a lot of upgrade study to use it effectively. And I had never had the time to do that - I was too busy scratching for a living.

That's why, several years later, when I sat down to produce the world's most effective lottery System, I was determined to make it non-upgradable.

It was to be a System that would be easy to use, and never need complex upgrading. And so that's what happened.

The version you have now is the same one I invented in 1991. And I hope that for the next generation too, it will stay simple and effective to use.