How My Temping Job Led To A Lottery Winning Shakeout

Being a temp isn't always bad.

Yesterday I wrote about how I kept the Silver Lotto System simple and effective.

As you've read, I was devastated in my temp job when I couldn't use the upgraded versions of several graphics programs.

And I probably would have been out of a job until I was 'discovered' by one of the world's largest advertising agencies.

I was temping at their modern offices, doing my job as best I could, and they liked it.

Now, it may seem unusual to have a middle aged man as a temp.

But back in those days this ad agency was cutting edge. They already employed a male receptionist against the trend.

I was offered a permanent position with a car, parking, and the best salary I've ever had in a job.

Well over double anything else.

But as often the case in the fast-paced advertising world, six months later the job and I became redundant, and I moved on.

That's another story.

In yesterday's article I was going to tell you how I managed to make the Silver Lotto System work better - without disturbing the easy setup.

That improvement was the powerful LottoPredict add-on.

You can read all about it on the site, but I'll just quickly explain something about it you may not know.

It is constantly evolving. That means each week I stack the stats and rebuild the results.

And the result is an always-improving prediction service.

Now, some folk might think that because the price is low, barely $7 a month for the membership, that it's too cheap to be any good.

Not so. I keep the price low because I'm able to offer a large number of games. And just like mass production, the more I do the cheaper it becomes for you.

Take a look: LottoPredict


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