SHOCKER: The Dangerous Assumption That Stops You Winning The Lottery

Our lawyer was happily surprised we owned a car like James Bond's.

The jovial lawyer leaned back in his chair, his features creased with a grin.

We were upgrading our family trust, and at this first meeting we were going through the details. He recommended a structure that he said would suit us.

"After all," he smiled confidently, "it's not like you've got an Aston Martin or any other expensive car."

My wife looked at me. I grinned back, and we both said in unison, "Yes we have!"

The look on his face was pure astonishment. An actor couldn't have presented a double take any better.

The rest of the meeting dissolved in laughter, and it is still a story we tell friends today.

Some Aston Martins end up being quite a collector's item!

But it means more than just a joke against someone who hadn't figured us out. It is the danger of assuming - like our lawyer - that you know everything about a topic.

The same with using my system. I explain how my Silver Lotto System works in the manual. But that isn't the full story.

It's only part of the explanation for this sophisticated program that I designed to work so easily.

So before you read and think the system is too simple, or won't work, give it a try.

Don't assume anything. You'll be surprised!

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