Take 5 Minutes To Perform This Delightfully Dreamy Lottery Winning Task

dream-girl (1).JPG

Don't forget to do this important part of lottery winning.

A lot of my System - at the start, is mechanical. Writing numbers, transferring to tickets, visits to the lottery store, checking the wins.

And at times it's easy to forget why you're doing all this work - even though it only takes about 30 minutes, and then only once...

You're doing it to win - and satisfy all the pent up dreams you had since you were a child.

It's for all the times you couldn't have something because your parents couldn't afford it.

My first remembered disappointment was at the age of 8 when I desperately wanted a train set. But my mother wasn't able to pay for it on her tiny wage.

And the Jaguar car I wanted when I just started work at the age of 16. It was an exotic dream that took years to overcome.

And later, when I was married and the responsibilities weighed heavily, I would have given anything to take my family on a world trip for 3 months.

You probably have many similar situations.

Well, now it's important to remember them and start dreaming.

Many people tell me their happiest time playing the lottery is the time leading up to the draw. That's the period after they have bought the tickets, and are starting to plan what to do with the win.

You should spend more time doing this.

Let your imagination run wild. Remember, you will have more money than at any time in your entire life. It's a once-only opportunity that will never be repeated.

So you should celebrate in advance.

Make the most of your time to visualise your future home, new cars, the vacations and travel to strange lands and warm tropical beaches, your happy family as they share in your wealth.

Most winners-to-be have a very detailed idea of how they are going to spend their new wealth.

Everyone I ask can tell me exactly the stages they will go through... from visiting the lottery headquarters, to visiting the new car showroom.

Their eyes light up and the week's game takes on a new meaning all over again.

Dreaming is not silly or wasteful. It's an important part of the lottery process that keeps you going when the pickings are slim.

So do the important mechanical stuff. Then sit down, look out the window... and for 5 minutes send yourself to a new place where you have complete freedom, you are loved and the world is at your feet.