REVEALED: The Singular Secret Of Lottery Success Is Here

Michael Caine has focused his acting career by playing in many films, including The Italian Job.

Diversify, James Altucher said. Spread your talents over many interests. When several of your ideas crash - which often happens - you will have others to fall back on, he said.

I disagree. I believe the worst thing you can do is to have many interests, many backups, many alternatives.

I know very few people who succeed by doing a lot of different things. But I know many who focus in on a single talent and win.

Actor Michael Caine has made dozens of films, many of them forgettable. But he has also made successes like 'Alfie' that kicked off his career, and 'The Italian Job' (photo above).

Jiro Ono, the world's top sushi chef.

Jiro Ono, the world's top sushi chef, is an 86 year-old Japanese perfectionist who has spent his entire life crafting his food. Jiro can teach us a lot about concentrating on one aspect of a talent and working that single part to achieve success.

When I read or hear about winners in life being successful, I pry a bit behind their success. And I find always they have chosen one field, one item, one skill... and maxed it out over many years.

Every one of them has stuck to their knitting and kept to their skill or talent, without fail for years and years.

Another example of my focused success in one game - 9 tickets worth $430 and 4 bonus tickets (not shown).

There are numerous other examples of people who persist in one field until they win. It's the same with the lottery.

This is the way to lottery success - focus:

- Play only one game type
- Play as many games as you can afford
- Play your game as often as you can

What you are doing is no different to to the 10,000 hour rule that Malcolm Gladwell says is necessary for success in any field. You are concentrating hard on one talent.

Except that with my System you should be able to reduce this time down considerably.

My Silver Lotto System has been designed to speed up the time you need for lottery winning success. And it works.

The last game I played on Wednesday (photo above) brought me another 13 winning tickets and $430. This success happens for most games.

And the best part - any of those wins could have been the jackpot.

If you follow my instructions in the right game, you should get the same results.

The secret is to concentrate on your game to the exclusion of everything else. I'm able to play several games to the maximum of my system. But if you have limited funds, then single out and play one game only.

You'll see the difference when you concentrate on only one path of singularity.


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