Remember These Wacky Rules When You Next Climb A Tree Or Play Lotto


Make sure you have a soft landing when climbing a tree! (Bear was OK). Photo: K99

A number of my friends have fallen from roofs, walls and trees and hurt themselves. I never have.

I know plenty of people who have had car accidents. Not me.

Many people haven't won a cent on the lottery for years. I've won constantly each week.

I have a lot of good luck, that's for sure. Or do I?

What's the difference between me and them? And how do you get to copy my luck?

Most of my success is because I do what everyone else doesn't.

I don't go up in high places, but pay someone else to. That way I'm not exposed to any danger.

I drive as fast as anyone else, but extremely carefully. Several people have told me I drive like an old man at times.

But they laugh it off when we get to our destinations at about the same time without fuss or stress.

Hey, I have a trophy for fast driving on a track (photo)... no-one else I know does.

And I follow my own lottery System and rules while most others don't.

What are my rules? Easy, there are only three of them:

#1 - I play the games with the LOWEST number of balls and numbers.

Players who willingly enter 7 ball games (or 6 balls plus a bonus ball) must realise that their odds dwindle away as the numbers increase. Sure, the Silver Lotto System advantage will make up for a lot of those odds. But, like gravity, the rules of physics always apply. Smaller numbers always get the best result.

#2 - I play frequently.

Remember the stories many people have about meeting long lost friends at an overseas airport? It's simply because the airport is a hub for frequency. Just like my system, the airport brings everyone together in one spot. The odds of winning are hugely magnified when you play (or meet) frequently.

#3 - I use all the System numbers.

Now, it's a fact that you CAN play with part of my system and win with just a couple of tickets. But it will take longer. The more numbers you play, the better your odds and the faster and more frequent your wins.

Some examples of my multiple wins.

So why would anyone not choose to play by my rules? To some players they might seem a little wacky - not really real-world.

Some players say they can't afford to play more than a couple of tickets. Well, maybe there's something else they could give up to find the funds.

Save these up and play monthly instead of many smaller tickets each week.

Remember, there's always an excuse for falling. None for succeeding!