UNCOVERED: Hidden Secrets Of The Rich & Famous Show Why The Lottery Is Best

Did you know that most of the rich share a secret that stops you from entering their wealthy community?

A secret that leads you to think that getting rich is easy? And why it is actually easier to win lottery prizes than become like these people?

The real reason they became rich is through their past.

The wealthy downplay their humble beginnings. And that's because they are not so humble - they come from privileged backgrounds.

For example, Bill Gates was seen as a nerdy guy with few connections and a poor past after dropping out of college.

But his parents were well-off. His father (photo, right) was a prominent lawyer.

And his mother served on the board of directors for First Interstate BancSystem and the United Way.

They helped him a lot.

Then there's Warren Buffet. His father was a stock broker. In fact he had control over millions of dollars right from his early thirties.

He also plays the ukulele - a talented musician!

If you examine the stories of many well-off titans of industry, you'll find the same.

They all had experience and influence from the start.

If you don't have the same degree of connection, you'll find it tough to get anywhere fast in business.

Add to that the problems that most small business have in expanding (needing constant capital), and you'll have trouble even kicking off your ideas.

There's only one alternative, and I've spent years looking for it.

Believe me, I attended many seminars, courses and studied success principle books for decades. My library shelf is full of the success stories of so-called rich and famous.

And the only answer I can come up with?

It's easier and safer to win the lottery than to get rich in any other manner. And I mean seriously rich... not just being a millionaire.

Problem is, alone, you will not win the lottery. You need some help from my system.

Now, Silverites will know that when I say 'win the lottery,' I don't mean the grand prize jackpot.

That big prize is still difficult to get.

So the purpose of my system is to get you multiple smaller prizes, because these are easier to achieve.

And maybe, one of those many million-dollar prizes will be large enough to change your life.


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