THINK: You Should Figure This Step Out First Before Winning

Johan Fourie played the same numbers for 12 years before winning $4 million in the Florida Lotto. You can bet he's spent some time thinking how to spend it! PHOTO

How are you going to spend your lotto winnings?

Is there something you've always wanted to accomplish... a hobby to follow... a special country to visit... a family or friends you can help? Maybe you want a better home, or help the homeless. Or to buy a business for your family, or maybe let them take a well-earned vacation?

Or perhaps you want to do some good work... to help others less fortunate...

Have you read the list of what winners have actually accomplished on the Silver Lotto System website and this Lotto Life blog? It makes interesting reading.

Whatever you dream of, having a planned goal for spending your winnings is essential because it helps you remain grounded and stable after the excitement of an enormous win.

Getting a lot of money can be exciting and invigorating for a while. But then reality sets in. While money can insulate you from most of life's problems, you need more than that to attain personal growth... you still need a purpose.

So what would you do with your millions?

Do you have a powerful dream? Whatever it is, start writing now! Put down in detail what you'd most like to do. Because it will benefit you.

You'll get strength by seeing your dream in print. It will motivate you. It will inspire you.

It will make you a richer person in spirit as well as in dollars because you have put your dream into writing, and that's the first step to carrying it out.

When you write your wishes down, they turn from being a "thought" to a "plan."

The simple act of listing your strongest desires makes them appear real and obtainable. That leads on to active reinforcement... which just means that whatever your brain thinks it can do - it will do.

And it helps you stay on track.

For lotto players I call this special motivator "Play Persistence"... the act of keeping going when all around you is ready to give up.

That's when the real wins start.

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