MIND-HEAD: How The Jackpot Prize Amount Mentally Affects Your Playing Frequency

Some of the 48 winners in May's $107 million Pennslyvania Powerball. Their final amount was just $2.2 million each. Photo

There are some huge multi-million jackpots in lottery games these days. Just look near the top of the Lotto Life blog in the right hand column to see the enormous and increasing totals in the world's games.

But many people will think twice about playing if the jackpot is below a certain figure.

So if a week is less than their goal, they may decide not to play at all.

The good news is that most people think this way, which opens up the potential to Silver Lotto players. Here's why...

It means you will be claiming more of the prize - maybe all of it.

Because the more players in the game, the more chances there are to share the winnings with others.

A recent Illinois Lotto this year produced 9 winners for the main prize. They had to share just $3.75 million between them - barely $416,000 each.

When the 25% withholding tax is deducted, the amount becomes even smaller.

And in May this year there were an astounding 48 Pennsylvania Powerball winners who shared the $107.5 million all-cash jackpot.

That only gave them $2.2 million each.

The lesson is to play even when the jackpot is low, and increase your chances of keeping the full prize to yourself.


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