How To Win The Lottery Using Burger King's Clever Copycat System


Burger King showed a sense of humor when McDonald's got bulldozed! Photo

Several decades ago McDonald's was the No.1 hamburger chain. Burger King was No.2.

How did Burger King get to that second spot against all the competing chains?

Simply by being a copycat.

They did it by cleverly deciding where to build new branches at a fraction of the cost of other chains. Here's how they did it...

While McDonald's would spend millions of dollars analyzing the perfect spots to build on, Burger King would wait it out. Once the decision was made and construction began on the new McDonald's, Burger King would simply build a new restaurant across the street.

By smartly using McDonald's research, Burger King achieved a virtually identical location outcome at a fraction of the cost.

It seems obvious to apply that successful outcome when you play the lottery. You don't spend a lot of money experimenting on tickets that may or may not win.

You find a system that works and build your fortune across the street!

Be a copycat. Use the proven, tested Silver Lotto System along with the successful LottoPredict membership and PRO, and succeed with that winning spot.

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