TICKET TIP: A Secret Way To Dramatically Reduce Your Risk Of Shared Prizes

I've written about the chances and risks of sharing prizes with other players.

However, this is relatively rare between Silver Lotto players. In fact, I've never heard of it happening.

But if you're worried, there is a little-known way you can reduce the risk and still keep your odds of winning way up there.

Here's how it's done:

Most players don't spend much on each game. Even though the best the best way to increase prizes is to play a lot of numbers, most people don't have a budget large enough.

That's not a problem. The in-built advantage of the Silver Lotto System overcomes this by increasing your winning odds anyway. You're always better off playing any number of System lines and tickets, however small.

So let's assume that many Silverites (buyers of my systems) play 10 lines of their Profiles, and you do the same.

So you're both using the top 10 lines of each Profile. To avoid you both getting the same numbers...

...use the next 10 lines for your tickets instead. Or even the 10 lines after that, or even the last 10 lines.

The point is to use the line selections that others don't.

This will reduce your odds of having the same number selections as everyone else. They will be different of course, since everyone selects a unique set of numbers in their own Profiles.

But this method eliminates most chances of a double-up.

Try it if you really want full security and protection.