I Pressed The Button And Was Immediately Bailed Up In A Fierce Dog Attack

Not me of course, but a widely distributed picture that looks pretty scary because of the camera angle.

I pressed the button and the dog yelped. But instead of running away, it started to run towards me.

I didn't know what to do, so I pressed the button again.

Now the young Alsatian pup started circling round me, teeth bared. I was terrified.

What would happen now? How could I escape?

It all started when I saw an ad for a dog repelling device. A clever battery operated device in the shape of a small remote.

When you pointed it at a dog, it emitted an ultra-sonic whistle which was meant to scare the dog away.

The problem - I was standing on a street corner. And the dog didn't know where the sound was coming from.

So it looked around to attack the source.

And I was in its path!

Life is full of risks like this. You buy a lottery ticket and there's a risk it may not win a cent.

But luckily the lottery is controllable... you tell it when you want to play. You tell it how much you want to spend.

And best of all, there's no fear. It's a game of fun and expectation.

And I make it more workable with the clever LottoPredict, which removes a lot of the uncertainty of when to play.

Unlike a dog attack, where there are too many variables.

So, did I survive it with my trousers intact?

Yes. I simply stopped using the device, and yelled out "SIT!" to the animal in a loud voice.

And because most dogs are trained to obey that command, it sat and looked at me.

I was safe to walk past.

And I threw the device into the next street bin, vowing never to use anything untested again.

Risk is sometimes necessary, but if you have a choice - go for the safe bet!


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