WINNING: The Millionaire Who Cleans His Own Cars

My Range Range looking pretty partway through its wash this morning. Read on to find out why I wash my own cars year after year...

As I passed by the black Freelander SUV in my street yesterday, I saw it looked a bit tired. A little dirty and uncared for.

Which was a big surprise because when the owner first bought it a year back, he was out every weekend washing it.

In fact, once I even saw him on a ladder cleaning the roof of this perfect all terrain vehicle.

Then, I guess, gradually, the thrill wore off. The first sign of neglect was the dirty appearance of the front wheels. They get the most brake dust and turned gray.

Then the shiny black body lost its gleam as he missed the regular cleaning cycles.

It's no real surprise. This is what usually happens when we are caught up in the thrill of the new.

It's the same with playing the lottery. Some new buyers of my system plunge in head first and buy tickets like crazy.

Then, as the newness wears off, they get lazy.

Even the prospect of winning each time is not enough to keep some of them going.

There are several reasons why I wash and detail my own cars. I can't find someone skilful enough, and I need the exercise.

But these reasons are not the real answer.

This is...

I'm applying the same determination that I use to win lottery prizes. I play constantly and never stop.

Just like cleaning a car year after year.

And because of that my own win record is 98% ... that means I win a prize in over 9 out of every 10 games I play. Others get that percentage too.

The result? I have had a wallet full of money AND a clean car... week after week. That's how you do it.