FORECAST FUN: How I Predict Both The Weather And The Lottery With Amazing Accuracy

Actor Tom Hanks does a rain dance with tv weather girl Chiquinquira. But there's another way to predict the weather - and the lottery.

"Listen," I said. "Can you hear that?" My granddaughter turned her head from side to side.

"No, what?" she asked.

It's the rain bird, I told her. Whenever it trills and sings, rain is 24 hours away.

She looked at me quizzically, but because I generally know what I'm talking about, she accepted it.

For years I have been using the sound of this bird to predict and check the weather, and it's always right.

On Saturday I told you about why I wash my own cars.

Well, there have been many times when I've looked at the weather forecast and decided I had good weather ahead to wash them...

Then, outside filling the bucket, I hear the familiar bird sound and know my work will be wasted tomorrow.

This specialized knowledge seems like a secret code to those who don't know about it.

Just like my LottoPredict predicts the week's best games.

I've strived to make LottoPredict as accurate as the weather bird, because the advantages are simply tremendous.

Everyone who has the Silver Lotto System should get a membership. It's what I rely on to get up to 98% win rate.

If you're not a member yet, it only costs a few dollars a month to get play predictions that will save you money and improve your winning chances.