Winning The Lottery Is All Part Of The Grand Design

The Australian Grand Designs home with presenter Peter Maddison. Photo

Last night my wife and I sat transfixed as we watched the building of a giant house unfold on our 65" tv screen.

I love screens. Television, computers, Times Square ad screens, car reversing screens... they are all an entrance into a remarkable world we would never otherwise see.

And I enjoy television. I have several sets dotted about the house. They are like a window into modern society in color and sound.

In this program I thought how much the process of building a new home was like playing the lottery.

The Australian artist couple had spent 4 years planning their own unique design in a place called Yellingbo.

Their house planning was similar to filling out your tickets from the Silver Lotto System - except my system only takes 30 minutes instead of years. But like a house, once it's done, you don't have to do it again.

The building process was like the lottery playing time.

The builders and owners experienced difficulties along the way... they were held up by rain, material decisions had to be made, mistakes in the design corrected.

Just like progress in the lottery game.

Some games produce great wins, others not so big.

But you still have to keep building your dream until one day the house stands, sparkling new.

To share a dream with a couple who have produced an amazing home is a treat. To win the lottery - even better!