When Deliveries Go Bad And Happen To Good People

Yesterday I opened the box and carefully pulled away the bubblewrap.

My mouth dropped open at what I saw.

Today I took off the wrapping from another delivery in front of the courier guys.

I shook my head, "sorry, you'll have take it back."

Two faults in two days!

The first was a steam cleaning machine that had obviously been dropped during transport. The casing was cracked and broken as you can see in the photo below.

The second was our new dining room table, dinged on the edge.

All sorts of things can happen between purchase and delivery.

It's no different on the net. About 3-5 people a week have problems with getting my products.

That's not many based on my overall sales, but even one problem a year is an issue that concerns me.

Internet delivery is sometimes hard to figure out.

I've made the buying process as failsafe as I can, but even then it's hard for some people. They miss instructions, or their host blocks the email or attachment.

Luckily the answer is easy.

In the HELP menu above I've set out the main answers to these questions and more:

  • How to whitelist our emails so you receive them
  • How to change your email addresses
  • How to test you're receiving emails from us

The last one - the test - is the best one. It will quickly tell you where the problem lies.

Now, I have a 100% record for completing and sending orders over many years. That means that the problems are in receiving the emails.

So before you send off an email asking why you didn't get your product, please complete the HELP steps to solve your problem.

And I will help you get it into your hands as quickly as I can.

I hear a knock at the door. It will be the courier company taking the cleaner back.

One less problem solved!