8 ways that lottery winners are different to the rest of us and #6 is a great example

Good Company talked with Author Steve Siebold (left) about his book ‘How Rich People Think.’

The rich are different to everyone else, and this reason is why you should strive for a sizeable win at every lottery game.

There are few few things in life today that can't be solved with money.... from health to relationships.

Ever seen an attractive woman with a frumpy man and wondered what she sees in him? Could be his personality, but you can bet 99% of the time it's his money.


Not all relationships are that shallow of course, but it’s an example of how much money plays a big part in our modern lives.

Author Steve Siebold wrote a book in 2010 on the rich, entitled "How Rich People Think."

And according to his theories, here's 8 ways that lottery winners are better off than the rest:

1. It makes them happy. While lottery winners know that having money is not a guarantee of happiness, it makes life easier and more enjoyable.

2. Winners can spend on themselves and not feel selfish. They don't have to give their money away to make themselves happy, or try and save the world. Siebold writes, "If you're not taking care of you, you're not in a position to help anyone else."

3. Winners dream of the future. Average people are limited by their day to day thinking and working for a wage. The rich think ahead and can turn their daydreams into reality.

4. Winners follow their passion. The average person usually has to work to stay ahead. Without that demand, winners are free to do anything they want, and most follow their passion in hobbies or work.

5. Winners have high expectations. The rich have more to play with, so their boundaries are raised. Want to hire a section of a river to flyfish? You can now.

6. The rich live below their means. While the average guy is struggling to live from paycheck to paycheck, the winners can afford to spend more and still be ahead financially. They have a huge money buffer to protect them.

7. Winners take more risks. While average people play it safe with money, the rich know when to take risks. More money means there's less to go wrong.

8. Winners are healthier. It costs a lot of money to stay healthy, with the high costs of operations and special treatment. The wealthy can afford all of this and enjoy better health all the time.

Winning will make a difference to your life in many ways.