Do This Simple Step To Increase Your Lottery Winnings: Go To Amazon And...

I want you to try this simple step. Yesterday I made a post based on a book on "How Rich People Think."

It was 8 steps based loosely on this book about the difference between having money and not.

But there's more to the article than that.

After you read this post, I want you to go to that Amazon link and take a look at the reader's comments. The book got a 3 1/2 star review, but of course to get that average there has to be high 5 star and low 1 star reviews.

This is the secret about success in lotto or any area.

When you read the reviews - there are 48 right now - you'll see that opinions are all over the place.

  • Some think the material is old news.

  • Others marvel at the new insights in it.

  • Still others reckon you have to be at a certain stage ready to absorb the information contained there.

 What they get out of it all depends what stage the readers are in life, and how they view it from their personal perspective.

Now, substitute the book for my lottery system and you'll get a similar response.

Some will like it and get great results. Others won't.

It all boils down to how responsive you are to receiving the information. If you follow the rules - and there are a couple I'll tell you about, you will get the most from my system.

The people who don't will find it hard to win prizes. Those who do - well, it's the path to success, no question.

The rules? Simple:

  • Play more games more often.

  • Play more tickets.

All all boils down to following my system blindly. Don't try and make up your own opinion on it - follow the rules and you'll be successful.

WON $124,960.00!!

Dear Ken,

I just wanted to let you and everyone else know that I won $124,960 last week with your silver system and I'm so grateful... thanks again!!!!!

Jo Shalcross.