A Little-Known Truth About My Lottery System

It only took a $2 ticket for Ronnie Orender (center) to win $32.3 million in the New York Mega Millions. Photo 

Jim emailed me: "Ken, I notice you write a lot about setting goals and persistence. Why do I need all this focus stuff? Can't your system give me all the answers?"

I'm going to reply by saying one thing that I've mentioned constantly about my system. And it's this...

My systems get you close to the winning numbers, but won't tell you when you will win.

Wait a moment, you say. What about your LottoPredict... Isn't that meant to make my play more accurate?

Yes, it does. But it's more effective for telling you when to play, and when not to play.

You can waste a lot of money if you only played on the game days when your numbers aren't a good match. And the only way you'll know which day is best is using LottoPredict.

The reality is that when you play the lottery to win, you still have to persist.

Just like some winners who have played for years before they get any prize.

But the difference is that Silver Lotto System players are a lot further up the winning scale.

I get as high as 98% win rate - that's a prize in nearly every game I play. Sometimes the prize is a big one in the thousands, other times it's less.

But every winning ticket has the chance to be millions.



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