EXPOSED: The 3 No-Sweat Rules That Will Massively Boost Your Lottery Winning Chances

This California Lottery winner almost missed out on $23 million, but was found through a store surveillance photo. She didn't play by the 3rd rule. Photo.

Got an email just now: "Hey Ken, I know you keep telling us to play every game but I can't afford it right now. Can you tell me what I should do? Jasper."

The lottery is the easiest game in the world to play. Played the Silver Lotto System way, it's a 2-3 minute stand at the lotto counter each game.

But many people give up too soon because of a budget that's too small.

And a lot of them don't know when to play, or which game is best.

Here's 3 solutions that will allow you to play the Silver Lotto System according to YOUR needs:

1 - Control your ticket buying. Find the financial budget that you can live with and don't spend any more than that amount. Because if you're worried about how much your game is costing each time, you'll be dissatisfied whenever you get less prize amounts than you expected. As a rule of thumb, don't spend more than you can afford to lose.

2 - Find your sweet spot timeline. Everyone has a time to play that they believe maximises their chances. My system is based on playing every game... high frequency. But if you want to play every month instead of every game, then sure, do it that way. But make sure you roll all your weekly funds into the monthly game, otherwise your effort will be wasted. You'll also lose a few odds percentages by playing less frequently, but it's more important that you meet your own targets.

3 - Stick with one game. Become an expert on it. Know how to act when you get a win above their in-store cash threshold (in our game it's $1,000, then you have to go to the lottery headquarters), exactly where to go for large prizes, how to protect your ticket from sneaks, whether you are required to appear in the press, what financial advice the lottery organisation gives you. There are lot of points to consider in each game, so make sure you know where to look for them all. You don't want to be caught out like Julie Cervera in the photo above who almost missed out on $23 million.


How To Start Winning:
Buy the Silver Lotto System - your first step.
2. Buy the Lotto-80 System to know when to play.
3. Get the PRO Custom Profiles to help you get the highest odds from every game.

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