How To Double Your Winning Prize With This Simple (But Expensive) Trick

Another grandmother wins $1 million in the Georgia Lottery.

A local lady bought two Lotto tickets and won a $10,000 prize - twice!

The 70 year-old New Zealand grandmother enjoyed seeing $20,000 in her bank account, and said the circumstances were unbelievable.

But the trick is quite simple to copy...

She accidentally bought the same ticket twice. And that gave her double the winning prize.

She forgot she had bought a ticket earlier in the week. Since she plays the same numbers each game, the double-up was a winner for her.

So the secret is to buy all your tickets twice.

But I don't recommend doing that because the spread - the variation in numbers with the Silver Lotto System - works best if you buy fresh each game, rather than doubling up. And it's expensive.

However it points out one of the sensible parts of this story.

She plays the same numbers each week. That's also the Silver Lotto System advantage, and it worked this time for her!

The Napier woman said she and her husband were going to travel to America, England and Hawaii on the proceeds.


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